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What’s the wise move for your business success in the next 3 years? Join in Dale Carnegie Vietnam’s survey “The 3+3 of Experience Innovation” today and receive our reports and information about our solutions to an increasingly challenging and promising business environment in modern Vietnam.

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Modern Business Challenges

Never in history have the customers had such a great power and a multitude of choices. On the other hand, the human resource landscape that keeps companies up and running are changing with startling speed. New research by Dale Carnegie Training has shown that the following factors, both from inside companies and out in the market, are gaining a significant impact on global businesses:

Overcoming the Challenges to Develop a Sustainable Business

Dale Carnegie Training – over 104 years of experience in corporate capabilities development – has carried on a research in order to find out the biggest challenges to modern businesses in different industries and the strategies they are using to face those challenges. The finding shows that INNOVATION is mostly seen as a business strategy that needs implementing in every scale and departmental functions.

The Global Research

With over 60 in-depth interviews, and the survey of over more than 500 leaders and managers of C-level and similar, in 12 countries. The findings pave way for recognizing the importance of innovation and how to gradually implement them into real-life business siutations.

Online Survey

We surveyed 525 business leaders of C-level through a web-based environment.

In-depth interviews

60 in-depth interviews to business leaders throughout the world

12 Countries

The countries surveyed include: the US, Canada, Medico, Brazil, India, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Japan and the UK.


48% of the participant are C-level executives, 43% are general or departmental directors, and 8% are Vice President.

For your business

When joining us in the survey Strategic Business Trends in Vietnam 2016, you are going to receive the survey report, the global research papers, and learn about our coming approaches to apply these innovations to your business. If you are a leader or founder of an organization in Vietnam, please fill out the form in next page to register for the online survey, or join our in-depth interview.

If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for support.

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